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Welcome to Cou Cou Studio ©

Cou Cou Studio is based in Missoula, Montana and provides wedding photography in Missoula and across the state.  At Cou Cou Studio © we believe in modern photos with stories to tell.  Happy, funny, breathtaking, ridiculous stories.  On a scale of importance from 1 to 10 we rate creativity with a 23.  We are obsessed with making clients ecstatic and consistently exceeding expectations.  We believe you share in our love of life, frivolity and fantastic photography.  And a day-in-day-out fascination with color, composition and artistic expression for good measure.

So let's start a conversation.  Let's start talking about what kind of images you believe in.  What kind of moments you want to freeze and how Cou Cou Studio © can be a part of them.  Every story has to start somewhere.  We hope yours starts with us.  You can also follow us on Twitter or fan us on Facebook.

Top 5 Tips for Stunning Wedding Photography :: Missoula, Montana Wedding Photographer

Working as a wedding photographer means that I spend a lot of time watching people in love.  Seeing families share emotional moments and couples at some of their happiest moments.  It’s one of the things that makes me love my job so much.  It also makes me feel grateful people allow Lido and I to be there for some of their most emotional moments.  The last 10 years of shooting weddings have given me some insight into what makes for great weddings photos.

missoula wedding photographer


1. Do Your Homework

It can be tempting as you run down the pre-wedding to-do list to let that family friend who is thinking of becoming a photographer shoot the wedding.  Or just pick a photographer from a list you find online. My advice — no matter who you end up choosing is to pick a photographer whose style and personality is a good match for you.  Ask them questions, get a feel for their photography aesthetic.  When it comes down to it the photos are the record of the day you will have forever.  Professionals have spent time learning to be great photographers and capture amazing moments.   It’s worth investing in someone you know will photograph the day the way you want.


2. Stay Connected

I love it when a bride sends me an update on how her wedding plans are coming along.  Even before I eventually get a timeline — getting to know some of the details in advance helps me get a feel for how things will go on the big day and what the bride and groom are planning.  Communicating along the way helps build a better relationship that is so worthwhile on your wedding day.  Keep us in the loop!


3. Timeline

Timelines are a photographer’s best friend.  Once you have one or just start formulating one clue your photographer in on your plans.  Often we can help offer insight into how long we think certain kinds of portraits will take or other parts of the day.  I like running on a schedule that allows for things to run a couple minutes late.  Then you are always on time.  We love being a part of the conversation as you work on your timeline — it helps us figure out what the pace of your day will be like.

missoula wedding photographer4. Trust Us

We had lots of chats, talked about what you want to have happen — maybe even seem some photos you just love.  On your wedding day it’s time to trust your photographer.  You’ve hired someone professional so you don’t have to worry about the photos that day.  Let us do our thing and trust us to make great decisions – -that’s what we specialize in doing.


5. Take a Deep Breath

Seriously.  Something is bound to go wrong.  But at the end of the day you are getting married.  Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!  People are here to celebrate with you.  After all is said and done you won’t remember that the cake got there late or that one of the groomsmen got a random bloody nose (trust me, it happens).  What you’ll remember is that you got married and are deliriously happy with your spouse, family and friends.

missoula wedding photographer


You can see more of our amazing clients and work on our website.  Good luck out there with your wedding planning!

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