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Welcome to Cou Cou Studio ©

Cou Cou Studio is based in Missoula, Montana and provides wedding photography in Missoula and across the state.  At Cou Cou Studio © we believe in modern photos with stories to tell.  Happy, funny, breathtaking, ridiculous stories.  On a scale of importance from 1 to 10 we rate creativity with a 23.  We are obsessed with making clients ecstatic and consistently exceeding expectations.  We believe you share in our love of life, frivolity and fantastic photography.  And a day-in-day-out fascination with color, composition and artistic expression for good measure.

So let's start a conversation.  Let's start talking about what kind of images you believe in.  What kind of moments you want to freeze and how Cou Cou Studio © can be a part of them.  Every story has to start somewhere.  We hope yours starts with us.  You can also follow us on Twitter or fan us on Facebook.

5 Things Every Bride Should Have :: Missoula, Montana Wedding Photographer

1. Waterproof Mascara

Happy tears are a wonderful thing.  As a photographer I love seeing people overcome with true emotion.  It’s moving.  Swapping regular mascara for the waterproof kind keeps makeup in tact and photos free from tear stains.

Montana Wedding Photographer, Missoula Weddings


2. Fun

People make such a big deal about all the things you have to do before the wedding, or all the stress of things that can go wrong on a wedding day.  Don’t worry about all that stuff.  Seriously.  Have fun.  You are getting married.  Kiss your husband, dance with your best friends.  Enjoy it.

montana wedding photographer , missoula wedding


3. A Moment to Herself

On a similar note, your wedding day is filled with amazing moments that can fly by all too fast.  Whether it’s a morning yoga session to start the day, or just taking a quiet minute of solitude to soak in everything going on around you, take a minute to yourself.  It’s calming and helps you appreciate the day.

4. A Day of Clutch

It sounds like Mom advice but it really is useful.  It’s a great place to stash tissues, touch up makeup, and maybe a tiny bottle of booze or a sentimental good luck charm.  Maybe you don’t use any of it but it’s nice to have just in case.

5. Permission To Feel Beautiful

I know this sounds like totally cheesy advice.  But here’s the thing — I HATE having my photo taken.  Like dentist-visit-nerves-don’t-like-it.  So I know what it’s like to stand there and have someone photograph you all the while you just want it to end.  Don’t do that.  Take a deep breath and think about your exciting future.  Feel beautiful.  It may sound like silly advice but it’s ok to feel good about yourself and how you look.  It’s one of the simplest things you can do to ensure you actually look amazing in your photos — plus you’ll feel better while the shutter clicks.  Trust me.

montana wedding photographer, missoula wedding

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